why made to order?

why made to order?

"Overproduction remains one of fashion's costliest and most environmentally damaging open secrets." (Vogue Business January 2020)

Unsold stock can often end up in landfill or be incinerated. At made obvious I've tried to completely eliminate the possibility of this happening. The most obvious way of doing this was to provide a made to order service. I only want to produce clothing once I know it has a home to go to. This eradicates the production of surplus stock and reduces waste.

Made to order used to be the norm; in the past, people expected to wait for their clothes to be made. Now the industry has sped up so significantly that we have lost touch with the effort, time and skill it takes to make an item of clothing. Ready to wear - the most common way most people shop now, has contributed to the lack of awareness of where unsold items end up. Giving more thought to the production process really helps in understanding the environmental impact of producing a garment.


Another pro for our made to order approach is that it gives me the opportunity to listen to you, the customers and to find out what you want and how to alter designs/prints accordingly. I would love to hear any feedback on our products or about any items you are looking for that you would love to see on the website. 

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