MADE AGAIN - An Upcycled Collection

MADE AGAIN - An Upcycled Collection

Welcome to Made Obvious' Upcycled Collection - MADE AGAIN

I love a good poke around a vintage or second hand store. I try and buy as many of my clothes as possible from second hand shops, vintage stores or independent sustainable brands. 

Hunting around Madrid's amazing second hand and vintage stores I was coming across lots of t-shirts and sweaters with ugly old logos. I wanted to give these garments a new life as they are still in great condition. 

patchwork t-shirt

I have created crochet and patchwork appliqués for the garments I have collected in order to make unique, one off and sustainable pieces. The idea is to craft something new (and hopefully better!) from something old and unused, meaning that clothes remain in circulation and don't end up in landfill. 

Upcycling clothes that already exist ensures sustainability, because it promotes the idea of circular fashion. Before creating this collection, I hadn't realised there was a specific upcycled symbol, it's similar to the recycled symbol but with an arrow pointing up like this. Keep a look out for it when you're shopping. 


Some other great things about upcycled garments -  

  • they are sustainable
  • they are affordable because you aren't producing a brand new item of clothing 
  • they are one of a kind 


I would love to hear what you think of the collection. Check it out here! 

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