No New Years Resolutions Here!

No New Years Resolutions Here!
A couple of Januarys ago, one of my very wise friends mentioned that she wouldn't be making any new years resolutions, but instead she would choose a word of the year.
Her idea was to pick one word and use it as your mantra throughout the year.
I loved this idea! 
Rather than doing something or not doing something, this offered a more holistic approach...... and it is also easier to remember!
For 2023 I've chosen the word
I want to apply this to my day to day but it also applies to the ethos of Made Obvious -


organic wool

Kind To Nature - only using fabrics and yards that are kind to the natural world

Kind to Our Bodies - garments that aren't restrictive or uncomfortable and instead let our skin breathe and help us relaxorganic cotton dress


Kind To Ourselves - with selfcare and time to chill out. & Kind To Others - gifts to help comfort them and encourage them to take time for themselves.

eye pillow relax

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