zero waste pattern cutting

zero waste pattern cutting

‘About 15% of fabric intended for clothing ends up on the cutting room floor. This waste rate has been tolerated industry wide for decades’ - Timo Rissanen 

At the beginning of our made obvious journey we quickly noticed that after cutting out our garment shapes we were left with scraps of fabric like these.....

As a sustainable brand, there was no way this was going to go to waste. We tried out many ideas but the one that we were most happy with was our patchwork eye pillows & weighted pillows....


Each one is completely unique and filled with certified soil association organic flaxseed and EU certified BIO lavender from Provence in France. 


These pillows are designed to help in many ways - for pain relief, relaxation, meditation, yoga, to help cool us or heat us or just for comfort. For us this is a win win, we have a use for our surplus fabric, and we have made a lovely comforting product for our customers!



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